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Welcome to the premiere fly fishing charters in the Fort Myers Florida area. We look forward to helping you plan your next saltwater fly fishing adventure. We have great fly fishing for Tarpon, Snook, and night fly fishing that is great year round. Book your charter online now Questions? Please call or text us at 239-271-2950

Big Fort Myers Snook On A Fly Rod

Fort Myers Fly Fishing Charters - Fly Fishing Guide Service

Welcome to Fort Myers fly fishing charters, where the traditions of fly fishing are an integral part of our business. We strive to offer the finest fly fishing charters in Fort Myers area for Tarpon, Snook, and night fly fishing. By focusing on a few species we are able to provide you with more consistent fly fishing on a year round basis.

We Embrace The "Spirit" Of Fly Fishing

By nature fly fisherman are purists and we understand this, so we never use live bait to chum fish and then have you cast to them. We feel that this practice is unethical and violates the "fair chase" ethic is an integral part of the sport of fly fishing. We work very hard to make sure that you are casting to high percentage areas that we know hold active fish.  Listed below is a brief description of our Fort Myers fly fishing charters so that you can quickly identify the charter that best fits the type of fly fishing you would you like to do.

As life long fly fishermen we understand the challenges and the satisfaction that comes from a successful day on the water. Unlike conventional tackle where it’s easy to cover a lot of water quickly, fly fishing is a finesse presentation and we realize that there is a limit to the number of casts you can make in a day. Our goal is to give our fly fishing clients the best odds of catching fish on any given cast. You can count on Capt Eric Anderson, your Fort Myers fly fishing guide to help you get the most out of every cast and every hour of your Fort Myers Fly fishing charter.

One of the most important things to consider when booking a Ft Myers Fly Fishing Charter is the boat you will be fishing from. Our new BlueWater Flats boat has more front and rear deck space than any other boat in its class, we want you to have plenty of room to cast without feeling crowded. In addition every effort went into providing a fly line friendly deck so clearing your line is easy when that big Tarpon takes your fly.

Fort Myers Fly Fishing Charters For Tarpon

Fort Myers Fly Fishing for Tarpon Charters

The vast majority of our clients want to catch a Tarpon on their fly rod to check it off their bucket list. We realize that for most of our clients the catching is far more important than the fishing. It’s for this reason that we concentrate 100% of our efforts on the resident Tarpon in the waters we fish in and around Fort Myers. These fish range in size from 15 to 50 pounds, and fly fishing is the one of best ways to catch them.

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Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing Charters

Fort Myers Night Fly Fishing Charters

If you have never had the chance to go fly fishing at night, or it just sounds too hard when you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This is our most popular Fort Myers fly fishing charter for many reasons, the most important one is that you will be able to see literally hundreds of fish and watched them chase and strike your fly. There’s nothing quite like and after you’ve experienced it you’ll want to go again. Many of our clients tell us it’s the most fun they’ve ever had fly fishing, and being able to see some really big fish is definitely an added bonus.

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Fort Myers Fly Fishing Charters For Snook

Fort Myers Fly Fishing Charters For Snook

While this Fort Myers fly fishing charter focuses Snook, it is truly a multi-species fishing charter. This charter is built around what you’ve told us about the kind of fish you’d like to catch on your fly rod. In addition to Snook we will try and target as many different species of fish as we can. On a typical Ft Myers fly fishing charter in addition to Snook you have a good chance of catching spec trout, redfish, ladyfish, and a wide variety of other fish as well.

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Fort Myers Fly Fishing Charter Rates

Our Fort Myers Fly Fishing Charter Rates

We feel that our fly fishing charter rates are the most affordable in the Fort Myers area. Instead of offering a multitude of different charter times and rates, we offer customer friendly charter times and simple options. In order to keep it our half day fly fishing charters are 4 to 5 hours. Our full day fishing charters are 6 -7 hours and we base the time the charter departs to coincide with the best tides for that day. The maximum number of passengers is 4 and we don't charge extra if you have 4 people. If you look around you will find charters that include 2 anglers and charge extra for each additional angler. We never do this, you pay one flat fee period, and that's the way it should be.

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Book Your Charter Now

Book Your Fort Myers Fly Fishing Charter Now

The best advice we can give you is to book your Fort Myers Fly Fishing charter as soon as you know the dates you will be coming. The focus of our online reservation form is to allow you to book your charter well in advance, and so you know that you have the dates you wanted to go fly fishing. Its a fast and easy process and it even automatically process your deposit so you can be sure your reservation is solid.

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Our Custom Bluewater 180

Our Custom Bluewater Flats Boat

The boat you will be fishing out of is a very important part of your charter. Our brand new Bluewater flats boat boat was custom built for the type of fishing you will be doing on your charter. There is nothing better than fishing in a stable boat with tons of deck space.

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